Sunday, February 17, 2013

English Vinglish - Return of the queen

Sept 1988 - Ramgopal Verma, the maverick director captured Sridevi in his Telegu celluloid fantasy named "Kshana Kshanam". She was by then the intoxicating queen of every masculine psyche. Her very presence aroused impulses that acted as a catharsis for those juvenile beginnings of adolescent pangs ; whose reverberating strains still linger in time as a quintessential idea of feminine grace and charm to many of us of that generation.

Ram gopal verma had captured Sridevi as no one had ever done before (with possibly the exception of Yash chopra in Chandni). She effused sensuality in every frame. Her long journey as an actor reached a climax in this movie where she blended her penetrating acting with a voluptuousness that lifted one into a rarefied air of pure enchantment. She was a sorceress whose bewitching laughter and gaiety would linger long after the her celluloid presence would fade into twilight zone of our consciousness. To me this film represented the apotheosis of Sridevi as an actor. Ram Gopal adored her and his adoration was visible in every nuance , every slant of light that caressed her, every word that pored from her mesmerizing lips.

Oct -2012 - "English Vinglish". Sridevi returns to the screen after nearly a couple of decades. It was a nostalgic moment. This is not a movie to be watched for its story or its direction or its music. It simply is a Sridevi film. She walks through the movie with that effortless and limpid grace of a consummate artist. Every frame adorns her like a jewel that has waited for so long for its rightful heroine. No more is the glamour or the demure haunting looks. There is a matured facade of contentment on her face as she carries the role of an Indian mother grappling with herself in a modern milieu. To me she bought some sharp memories of those frantic days when I used to wait with bated breath for the release of a Sridevi movie and to have the first glimpse of her - before anybody else could :).

Today, I watched "English Vinglish" rather dispassionately, knowing that this queen is returning to her throne with a confident stride; content with the feeling that her acting abilities were merely in hibernation and as now risen from its well deserved slumber.

Welcome back Sri.....

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