Thursday, May 30, 2013

A note penned late in the night after Sahima's Graduation party

A note penned late in the night after Sahima's Graduation party :

Sergei Bubka, arguably the finest Pole vaulter the sport has ever seen, Once said " The art of Pole vaulting lies not in the lift, but knowing precisely when to let go of the pole in mid air". I guess, the same could said about parenting as well. As a parent, it is absolutely imperative to know when to gracefully grant the psychological and intellectual independence to one's child; to let go of the hand that was so carefully held and nurtured for many long years. That is the ultimate gift that could be presented by a parent to a teenager.

I have just come back to my hotel from the Graduation party of Sahima (daughter of my good friend and colleague - Sandeep Godhkindi). Time has this unique capacity to flow past us without leaving a ripple. I find it hard to believe that this small chubby girl, with sparking eyes, a warm smile has now graduated from high school and now ready to embark on a study of journalism at Georgia University. She has grown into a confident young girl with a firm grip on what she wants to do. The way she talked, moved , behaved throughout the four hour function bespoke of the quality of her upbringing by both Sandeep and Ritu. They have left no stone unturned in making sure that Sahima gets a well rounded education, and have instilled an abiding interest and thirst for Knowledge in her. Now, the bird is ready to break out of the chrysalis to touch the horizon albeit with the roots firmly in place. The joy, pride and surging emotion on the face of both the parents to see so many of Sahima's young friends and classmates from diverse nationalities speaking well about their daughter , is undoubtedly the well deserved satisfaction of good parenting.

My heart was filled with joy to be a part of this warm occasion. In a way, I represented many others out there in Bangalore who were part of Sandeep's team and have seen Sahima grow up as a kid. I am sure their blessings, remembrances and prayers will definitely be there with this young girl for a wonderful future ahead.

I remember reading somewhere a wonderful message for young graduates , which I would like to quote here for Sahima... 'The important thing is this: to be able to give up in any given moment all that we are for what we can become.' Our Parents have given the environment to make us what we are, and now it is up to us to explore the possibilities of what we could become.

So Sahima - If there is no door to Knock, build the door. I am sure you are made of that kind of mettle.

Sandeep and Ritu - My heartfelt congratulations to both of you on the graduation of Sahima and your wonderful parenting.

God Bless.......

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