Thursday, October 17, 2013

The book - Bhagavad Gita

The second chapter of the Bhagavad Gita is in my opinion, the finest treatise on self confidence and the imperative need to get on with life, no matter what the consequences are. Arjuna is in a terrible state of psychological indecision. His whole life has been a preparation for this day of War. Every sinew in his body has been chiseled to wield the bow with an artistry that is unparalleled ; educated in the finest traditions of the age, under the most prolific masters available: this is his moment of truth; and lo!, the Gandiva slips from his fingers , his psyche is paralyzed and he stands before the lord completely bewildered. Then begins one of the greatest lectures ever delivered to a man in utter confusion : Sankya Yoga (the Book of doctrines), In Seventy two verses, Krishna summarizes the entire philosophy of existence clothed in a language and style that is poetic, deep, mellifluous and pregnant with practical wisdom.

The 37th verse is my personal favorite. After taking Arjuna through a labyrinth of explanations and clarifications, at one point, Krishna says:

"hato va prapsyasi svargam 
jitva va bhoksyase mahim
tasmad uttistha kaunteya 
yuddhaya krta-niscayah"

Freely translated , it means " hey Arjuna, why the heck do you worry. If you are killed in battle, you will achieve heavenly abode; or if you kill instead, the bounty of this beautiful earth is yours. Either way, you are covered. So just get up , and get on with the job that you came her to perform with joy and gay abandon".

What a wonderful message for a man in indecision. A fit prayer to begin our day, everyday. It is not the lack of skill or expertise that we normally suffer, but the terrible demon of justification and outcome that deludes the mind and cripples the body. The author of the Gita understands the tenuous state of the mind that is wallowing in self pity and misplaced ethics, and this verse offers the right dose to restore the equanimity and inner poise of Arjuna. Action is all that we have got. Emotions and false intellection takes us away from reality of performance..........

God bless.........

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