Monday, March 3, 2014

The Academy Awards 2014 - newer horizon's

The spectacular show of the 86th Academy awards lived up to its expectations yesterday at the Hollywood Center, California. The pride that the academy have in their movies and their creators is incredible. It’s a proud Academy that awarded Lupita Nyongo, a Kenyan for her brilliant performance as an abused slave in “Twelve years a slave”; a slightly unfair Academy that ignored the intense rendering of the Somali pirate Muse, by Barkhad Abdi (an ex Limo driver) in “Captain Phillips”; a socially sensitive academy that honored the Aids story with an Oscar to “Dallas buyers’ club”; a balanced academy that chose not to honor “Gravity” as the best motion picture; an artistically sensitive academy that decorated the mature and deep performance of Kate Blanchet in “Blue Jasmine”, overlooking the likes of Meryl Streep and Sandra bullock; a playful academy that acknowledges the universal language of Animation in “Frozen” – and more importantly, an academy that values its history and its quest for perfection in the art of Motion pictures.

Every single artist honored was worthy enough to hold aloft the Knight in Gold plated Britannium; clutching the crusader’s sword, standing over a reel of film with five spokes depicting the five seminal aspects of Film making: Actors, writers, directors, producers and technicians – all held in equal scale in the creation of a film and duly respected by the fraternity. Each one of those coveted seats in the auditorium is filled with a person whose contribution has helped move the bar of film artistry ever so slightly higher than before. There are amongst them legends like Meryl Streep, who has been nominated a whopping eighteen times and won it on three occasions, and on the other hand we also have the unlucky, charming and talented Leonardo de caprio nominated five times; but never once had the honor of walking on to stage to receive it.

The world criticizes the Academy awards as biased, American- centric, and to some extent racist as well. So be it….  All these futile sentiments are stilled when one looks at their work and art:   The degree of devotion, love, hard work, and unflinching commitment to the authenticity of the medium; yet popular, entertaining and commercially successful – they have time and again proved that they are the undisputed masters of Movie making. Their work touches all fringes of social fabric and they are not afraid to break taboos. One of the persistent tragedies of any art is that it quickly becomes a cliché and starts becoming monotonous, but American Films have not fallen into that rut. Year on Year, we are bedazzled by the freshness of their thought and brilliance of its implementation. Who could have thought that a dry run of the mill event in the
Deep waters of Somalian coast could be transformed into a story (Captain Phillips) that could showcase the deepest of emotions in two diametrically opposite personalities; or a hundred other films which draw inspiration from common place incidents but turned into a social drama by the Midas touch of a great director or an actor.

Well, I can keep waxing eloquent about this all day long, but the purpose of this short essay is to pay my compliments to the lovely winners of this year’s Oscar’s. They have given me many moments of deep pleasure and contemplation. That according to me is entertainment at its best…….

God bless…..

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