Thursday, April 28, 2016

Jottings: Slice of life - 3

Jottings: Slice of life
Over the years, Many times I have heard teachers lament that they are often not treated well in the education business. They believe they are after all the last layer in the “food-chain” of this industry. It's sales, Pre sales, business leaders who hog all the limelight, and teachers who fulfill promises made by Business teams, on the floor of Customers are often taken for granted, and perhaps not very well recognized for what they achieve. I have heard this so many times in different hues and colors; sometimes I wonder if there is not a grain of truth to what they say. But then I quickly realize, it all lies in the perception and execution of teaching as a job. Personally, I find their attitude a little puzzling because, I have always felt that the Job I do in class is the most important step in this business, without which everything else in pretty much inconsequential. And I carry that pride in whatever I do otherwise. A customer can be boisterously happy with our proposal, modalities and the way we treat them; but all that will fall flat on the face, an organization’s credibility will come under question, even if one single class blows up for whatever reason.
In a recent forum, I was asked to make a comment on how education delivery wishes to excel itself. I spontaneously made this remark. I said “ The only motto for our team who go out to teach is never to have to have a bad day, because we cannot afford to...” What I meant was : Other teams in the business can make up for a misplaced conversation, or a business meeting gone little awry . But for a teacher who walks into class with paid students eagerly anticipating a great class and expecting certain levels of excellence, there can absolutely no scope for error. And that is tremendous responsibility which cannot be measured tangibly at all. I know of teachers who teach almost the same class week after week to different audiences. For them to do that with consistent energy levels, passion and commitment each time is simply commendable , and their value – immeasurable.
Also, there can no better evangelists for a training organization than its Teachers – the customer facing battalion of experts . The best feedback one can possibly get from a customer is the promise to buy one more course, if a specific instructor teaches the class.Frankly, Nothing more is required to generate business. I remember consoling a young instructor many years ago “ You are the most important person here. Without you and your commitment there is no education business at all. No one gets as much face time with such variety of customers and professionals as a Teacher does. They are in many ways the pulse of the industry. They understand what customers need, their aspiration and how a particular learning program can enhance Customer cohesion and result in increased business.
Finally, I unfailingly tell instructors that without effective sales team, you have no job at all. They crack a customer, get them to buy-in to an idea, sell it effectively and then to hand it over to us. Its almost half the job done. It is the other half we need to execute flawlessly. So, in conclusion , the entire process is osmotic, and great training organizations realize this principle extremely well. As teachers then, all that we have to do is to teach with pride, passion and expertise; realize our own special place in this chain. Once we understand our intrinsic worth, then everything else will fall into place…
God bless…
Yours in Mortality,

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