Monday, June 27, 2016

Jottings : Slice of life - 21

Jottings : Slice of life - 21
There are moments in one's professional life, when you feel deep satisfaction in the thought that you belong to an organization which nurtures deep, committed and passionate loyalty in its employees. Perhaps "loyalty" is a wrong word. It indicates a sense of submissiveness; but what I am talking about here is something entirely different. When extremely talented, accomplished and seasoned professionals choose to stick to an organization, they do so not because they have nowhere else to go, but because they see value, growth, satisfaction and contentment in what they do right here - this is the sense in which I wish to use the word "Loyalty". Not many organizations can provide such an environment. It needs the confluence of many diverse factors to retain talented people for extended periods of time. A sense of psychological security, roles that churn out the very best in them, periodic professional challenges to raise their own bars of achievement , adequate financial compensation, a work environment which has the right blend of work ethics , and above all, an overarching sense of being part of an extended family. Only when all these factors fall into place can an organization effectively manage to retain quality professionals. I am happy and proud to note that NIIT is one such organization.
I write the above note because we honored few such co-workers today at office. Rajesh (25 years), PRS( 25 years), Sandy (15 years), Shankar (25 years), Jitender ( 15 years) and Prakash ( 10 years) received words of admiration from our President and commendation letters were handed over by Raju, who coincidentally happened to be in Atlanta on a personal visit. We are thankful to him
In fact, NIIT has a proliferation of such worthy individuals across geographies and Verticals who have given their entire professional lives to the company. Some of them are never in the limelight, so we don't hear much about them. But that does not diminish or take away anything from their contribution to overall welfare and growth of the company. Many, among them, started their lives as ignorant, immature students with dreams in their eyes, in one of the many NIIT branches in India; studied, graduated, sought employment within NIIT, grew up the ranks, and today find themselves in respectable managerial positions. And curiously, by tryst of destiny, many of them also found their life mates within NIIT's environs. When professional and personal seamlessly merge, the full potential of the individual is consummated. "Life begins at NIIT" is not a mere slogan for all of them, it is a lived and living truism.
Anyway, I deliberately do not wish to make this an unduly long note. But before I finish, My congratulations ( all my readers can join me as well) in wishing this select group all the very best of success, peace and contentment in whatever they aspire to do. Each one of you may have a different personal relationship with them, but all of us will be unanimous, I am sure, in declaring our respect, regard and applause for their well deserved professional recognition, expertise and high standards of work.
God bless...
Yours in mortality,

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