Thursday, November 10, 2016

Jottings : Slice of life - 58 ( Donald trump, President elect - a good victory)

Jottings : Slice of life - 58 ( Donald trump - a good victory)
A most commendable victory for Donald trump. Against all possible odds, with entire political establishment, including the party he represents vehemently undermining his credibility, his own instinctual actions and comments almost overwhelming his political future - Trump has won a clear victory, not even a close battle by any standard of measure. His victory reminded me of an odd analogy. In india, we still have few old doctors who can diagnose one’s ailment by merely feeling the pulse, and not having to order and analyze elaborate medical tests to fathom what is wrong in your system. In a similar sense, trump was able to gauge the pulse of modern America and know exactly what they wanted. He may not have been the most informed, savvy, and intellectual idealist we expect our Leaders to be; but he knew what his people wanted out of this election, just as Modi did. He knew his own idiosyncratic antics will have no bearing on the eventual outcome of election 2016. The people of America wanted someone to reinforce a sense of confidence and self- belief, and trump gave it to them in full measure and more. His direct declamations of a political system which slowly let the ball slip between their fingers, allowing a once proud nation to now stand with enormous debt, unemployment, and lack of future prospects for its naturalized citizens - found direct response from its voters. The plush electoral campaigns of Clinton’s, though brave, charismatic and emotional , failed to impress and evoke faith in people who were consistently let them down for last thirty odd years. Trump was their only chance to get back at Washington for having failed to protect their interests.
It is people of other nationalities living in America who seem to be largely disturbed about Trump. The common rationale I have heard over the last year, whenever Trump has been outspoken about the issue of immigrants is that : America has always been a country of immigrants, it was founded that way; hence they should embrace anybody who manage to reach their shores whatever be the cost. In my mind, this is flawed reasoning. It is true , when the “Pilgrim fathers” weathered storms to reach this new Land, they were composed of different nationalities. And even after the country was constituted as United States of America, there was enough assimilation for about hundred odd years to strengthen its sinews of growth and democratic values. But in the the last 150 years, a new breed called an “American” has taken root in this country. This generation and others after, do not consider themselves as immigrants anymore. Their identity is firmly American; just as an Indian or a german would identify themselves with India or Germany. And to such Americans, every new citizen is an alien, no matter what their legal status may be. There is nothing inherently wrong with that. As a nation matures - a firmer, stronger and inviolable identity will be born. America is now nearly 250 years of age, and generations of Americans have come to believe it as their own country, and others as infringing on what is rightfully theirs. It is natural. Even a casual reading of facts will inform us that America still has the most liberal borders in the world. Anyone with qualification, talent and right credentials can gain easy entry. The ever growing asian population is testimony to such liberality. But what is disturbing for many Americans is the unaccounted mass movement without responsibility, and such immigrants taking advantage of the liberality granted in a free nation. So when trump promises he will make sure this process is streamlined and sanity restored , he is talking common sense. And in such claims naturalized citizens find a very sensitive nerve touched. They want to give him a chance.Many find it hard to digest, because it may indirectly affect them, and this knee jerk reaction to his victory is a consequence of that insecurity. There is nothing to worry, if one has the right credentials, can contribute to welfare of country by way of taxes and adopt the laws and regulations of the country. America will always open its arms , as it has always done.
Anyway, I am glad this election is over , and a clear winner has emerged. The first few months of Trump’s presidency will show if he can transform himself to be the man he promised the nation he would be. At least, to his advantage, he does not bring political baggage with him, and to that extent he is free to charter his own path. He is bound to be criticized, ridiculed and made fun off, just as a section of India did when Modi assumed prime ministership. But Trump strength of character, his business acumen and ability to deal with pressure and crisis will, I hope, enable him to establish trust and acceptance across the nation. Lets not carry the abusive, vituperative and sometime vulgar rhetoric of the campaigning days into the future. That is done and finished. Now the time has come to run the country, and run it well. As an Indian, living and working in the USA, I hope trump’s government will allow me to work with pride, contribute with honesty and live with dignity without having to sacrifice my roots. That is the America, History has taught me, and what the founding fathers dreamt of building and protecting.
I join Millions of Americans in wishing Trump a fruitful Presidency, and my utmost admiration for Hillary Clinton for her spirited and engaging battle. God willing, she may have another chance..
God bless…
yours in mortality,

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