Sunday, April 9, 2017

Jottings - Slice of life - 113 ( Anna, congratulations!!!)

Jottings - Slice of life - 113 ( Anna, congratulations!!!)
It is not often that one gets to write congratulatory notes on the growth, evolution and promotion of two individuals close to you. I wrote a short piece on Rajan’s remarkable journey today morning, and in the evening, as I was sitting in the sauna basking in its intense heat and sweat listening to the sonorous voice of Abida Parveen singing rapturous poetry of Kabir , my brother called to inform his elevation to a very senior position in the oil industry and will now move to Mumbai - the heart of India’s business. I felt twice blessed with good news today.
Driving back home, My thoughts went back to the mid eighties, when my brother had just finished four years of bachelors education in Chemical engineering at coimbatore, and was with us in Hyderabad applying for jobs. It is always a pivotal point in a Man’s life - the pregnant waiting, the undetermined transition from secure student life when no questions are asked to a period when the honeymoon is over and one is expected to step into a role of responsible, bread winning adult. Life really doesn't prepare us for that period of uncertainty . It just needs to happen. And the quicker it happens the better it is for the young boy or girl. What I remember of that pendulous time is my brother being very firm and keen he would only pick up a job related to the subject he studied, enjoyed and found fascinating - which is Chemistry. Though other jobs could have easily come his way, he was sure, as only those who are firm in their convictions and interests can be, that he would get an opening suitable to his taste, learning and love. I must say, those were tense few months for him. I still remember the taut feeling of expectation which pervaded our home. Though we knew it was a matter of time before he would get a job, but when something is so eagerly awaited, every day could seem abnormally long and weighty. But Honestly , I dont have memories of brother being forlorn or dejected. No!!. Outwardly he was relaxed and kept persisting and attending Interviews in different parts of India. He was absolutely sure the subject he loved would become his profession very soon. Rare quality in young men these days!!!
The day wasn't too far before his conviction became a reality. The Refinery at Kochi accepted him as a junior engineer - the level at which a technical graduate will have to begin his journey. This was in 1991, and from that moment there was absolutely no looking back. Almost every couple of years, he would go up few rungs in the ladder, and along that everything in his life proportionately brightened and increased. Married to a equally qualified, compassionate and supportive girl, parent of a beautiful daughter currently studying Architecture, Shekhar, my brother has come a real long, long way from those few nervous months in Hyderabad. Like Rajan, Shekhar has grown with the same organization. Once again, his loyalty is not from a sense of weakness or incapacity to move, but from a deep source of strength, commitment, growth, love and constant learning this environment has provided. One the years, Shekhar has matured inwardly. With every increased in responsibility at work, His work ethic culture, expertise has adapted and expanded in stature - Hallmark of a true Professional..
As a brother, I have always admired and cherished his focussed professional growth. I am sure there is still a long string of achievements awaiting him, and in each step of success, we - his family, friends and well wishers will be there to bask in the joy and pride he creates around him.
I am sure Shekhar will join me in dedicating this wonderful journey to our late Father - whose blessings continue to permeate our hearts and minds, and to Mom’s unconditional love, optimism and unremitting confidence in whatever we do.
God bless..
Yours in mortality,

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