Saturday, May 9, 2015

Sandeep - A time to move on..

One of the fundamental lessons to be learnt and practiced meticulously while living in society is the ability, courage and understanding not to confuse roles that one plays with relationships. They are diametrically opposite to each other; and professionals who realize the difference tend to breathe fresher air and lead more invigorating lives than most others. And in my association with many such professionals - My friend Sandeep Godkhindi stands as an example of such a way of living. I write this short post today, as Sandeep works his penultimate day at NIIT, after having served the organization with distinction, ability, grace and profound understanding of Software education business - I have had the privilege to know and work alongside with.
I deliberately wrote the last few lines in past tense because Sandeep is changing roles - that's all. To me, and to many others who have known him closely for more than a decade now - Sandeep hasn't moved anywhere at all; nor will he. And that is what I meant by preponderance of relationships over roles. He is no more my "manager", but that doesn't make any difference to me. We transcended those boundaries and I am happy that we share such a relationship with each other.
Among many other achievements at NIIT, the one that stands out for me personally was the way he conceived, formed, established and executed the soft skills business (beautifully named "PlanetworkZ") in Bangalore. That was a time, when BPO's were eager to have energetic, savvy , communicative and culturally attuned youngsters filling the demanding role of process and sales outsourcing. And Sandeep had a right feel for the jugular vein of that opportunity. He formed a wonderful team with a set of highly talented, beautiful, motivated and self driven Women to execute programs for some of the top BPO's in the business then. There was an electric feel to his office those days, and all of us basked in its tingling intensity. I still can recall those halcyon days in our Bannerghatta office.
I request all of you to join me in wishing Sandeep the very best in his new role. Like a rose that spreads Fragrance wherever its placed, Sandeep will extend his warmth, intelligence and excellent team building skills to his new role. And to that extent I am envious of the organization he is stepping into. They are in now in possession of a gem which was ours long enough..
God bless you Sandeep..
Yours in life,

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