Saturday, April 18, 2015

Choice-less choices.. The vogue video

After all the brouhaha over the vogue video ,It seems ironical or coincidental , whichever way one wishes to see it - that the State of Indiana today sentenced Purvi Patel thirty years of jail time for Feticide. The first ever sentencing on these grounds in the United states. And what is interesting is that fact that she is convicted and sentenced not because she had a miscarriage or decided to abort, but of a definite "Choice" she made to dump the new born/unborn/stillborn human child wrapped in a plastic bag into a Trash can without an iota of remorse whatsoever; and then compounding her decision by attempting to subvert law lying about the period of pregnancy. What a "choice" to make? She pleaded that she came from a "conservative" family, and a child out of wedlock would be a social stigma - hence she had to take the extreme decision of terminating the baby. But to wait for twenty four weeks to do that?? - what a "choice" to make?
The key question upon which the case was debated upon for the last two years was whether the fetus was fit enough to be considered a living human child or not. Ms. Patel 's lawyers agued that at 23 weeks, the creative miracle of life enwombed in a female body is not yet decidedly alive; and the prosecution pursued its case with the firm conviction that the baby which came out ( they pegged the period at 25 weeks) was alive for a few micro seconds before Purvi decided to snuff its life out. So is it abortion or Homicide? What a "choice" to be debating upon?
During the court proceedings, Purvi stated that she wouldn't be able to reveal father of the child because he was a married man and going through a messy divorce himself. She had to protect his integrity. It was easier for her to do away with the baby, than bring her paramour into disrepute. A strange "choice" to make indeed!!
Enough of choices - Of all species that trod this earth, Humans have this unique privilege of consciously avoiding or terminating reproduction - and that too - on as flimsy a cause as social ostracism. "Born out of wedlock" is a dreaded phrase or a fashion statement depending upon which part of the globe we are looking at. In either case, the utter disregard for the child is profoundly disturbing. It doesn't matter whether its 24 weeks or a few days or even a few moments - the gift, the mystery, the wonder of life is timeless; and unless we learn to respect and venerate this blessing, we will forever remain biological imbeciles and nothing else.
In February 1997, Mother Teresa on her visit to the United states held a National Prayer Breakfast in Washington , which was attended by the President and first lady. During Mother's address, she said:
What is taking place in America is a war against the child. And if we accept that the mother can kill her own child, how can we tell other people not to kill one another." A profound insight!! What is true of America is true for the entire Human race..
Some choices are no choices at all. And this is most certainly one such...
God bless...

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