Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Love eternal - a miracle of Human existence..

Though I am personally skeptical about the institution of marriage, I have great admiration, respect and adoration for those who can live up to its vows with steadfastness, commitment and zest in the midst of all vicissitudes that life may bring to their table. It is one of those beautiful sights to behold - when one sees an elderly couple, ripe with age, twinkle in their eyes, arms knit together, and a sense of togetherness so tangible that it is almost possible to touch it with bare fingers. It reinstates my belief in the Future of Man.
As we drove out today morning in the Hotel shuttle, I was accompanied by such a couple. They were heading to Florida to get on a cruise across the Panama canal. He was 87 and she was 81 - so they told me with a beaming smile on their faces. And the occasion for this travel happens to be their fiftieth anniversary of togetherness. Meticulously packed (over five suitcases), flawlessly dressed - they were as excited as twenty year olds. The lady said:
"you know, we have not gone out of Phoenix for fifteen years now. This is first trip , and we have saving for it. Every year, this day - we would go to church and pray that we would eventually be able to make this trip on our 50th anniversary. I am so glad that this day has indeed arrived.." There was small tear welling up in the corner of her eye, and she clutched onto her Husband's hand a little tightly. He turned his face and looked at her with what I consider soul stirring warmth and companionship. There was a a freshness in that gaze that spoke of their ever renewing love - A look that did not seem stale or born of affectation.
She continued : " It is a fifteen day cruise and we land in San Diego..." All of sudden she remembered with a startle : " Dear, have you taken that shirt that we bought last year. I didn't see you pack that.. You said you wanted to wear it on this cruise.." He smiled and said " Of course, Its right on top in this bag .." he said pointing to a brown bag.. She sighed with relief and kissed him lightly on his cheek.
By this time, we had reached the airport. My heart was filled with tremendous happiness. I got up from my seat and requested them to get down, while carry their suitcases down the steps of shuttle. They were hesitant to allow me do that. But I insisted..
When we finished unloading, The lady , gently touched my head and said " you are a Good person. Thank you ." I looked up at her face and told her " No Mam, it is my privilege to have met both of you. You are Good, hence you see goodness around you. I will pray that both of you go on an other cruise like this on your 60th wedding anniversary. Take care..."
God bless....

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