Friday, March 1, 2013

Chess : Stray thoughts on a lazy Sunday evening:

Chess : Stray thoughts on a lazy Sunday evening:
An quote from G.M Hartston's monograph on the Czech opening in the game of Chess

" Chess doesn't drive people mad, it keeps mad people sane"

A rather interesting thought crossed my mind yesterday as i sat musing with an old faded chess book in my balcony. NIIT's Brand ambassador is the legendary Chess wizard Vishwanathan Anand - a child prodigy whose supremacy in this game has virtually remained unchallenged for close to three decades now. In an age when products and services have come to be promoted by voluptuous curves of nubile ladies , six pack abs of moronic looking hunks or ludicrously juvenile pranks of aging Bollywood actors and sportsmen - the image of a young Anand showcasing "intellect" reinstates ones inherent belief in the sanity of selling an idea. Anand may not be in the league of the most sought after icons , but there is an element of composure and poise he brings to NIIT as a brand; which in my opinion nobody else can even attempt to bring in. It is not very surprising that he has not endorsed any other product or service because there is simply no other product that can define what Anand is or does.

Anand personifies a mind that is a product of deep imagination, calculation and an ability to think far ahead of all possible outcomes that germinates from a single initial mental move. His body becomes the vehicle for that perfect orchestration of an intellectual symphony that at once reveals a deep underlying awareness of different permutations and combination of thought. The success of Anand lies in his infallible ability to recognize patterns in any given situation. Given a position he indefatigably understands the leitmotif of the piece and its possible ramifications. Such is the nature of a Genius.

NIIT stands for Software educations and services ; an intellectual exercise. The game of chess is the right symbol for excellence in software :- it requires a pliable brain that has the capacity to be absorbed so completely in the task, that the movement of the fingers over the keyboard punching out those ineffable instructions resemble the strategic maneuvers of a consummate chess artist to reach a desired goal. The patterns that emerge after reams of coding is inherently present in the very first line of the code which meanders, bounces , retraces its steps but never once losing sight of the overall picture . Such a brain is the epitome of software.

In my opinion, Anand will remain NIIT's Brand ambassador as long we understand that the imperceptible world of software will involve intense discipline of the mind, towering concentration and an endless ability to evolve and reconstruct new patterns of thinking and acting.

Kudos NIIT - for choosing this genius................................:)

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