Friday, March 1, 2013

"Jab Tak hai hum" - The final hurrah of Yash chopra.

"Jab Tak hai hum" - The final hurrah of Yash chopra.

A bit of nostalgia seeped in as the movie ended. We have been entertained , titillated, and drawn into romantic fantasies of Yashji for nearly four decades now. His movies actualized the dormant desires inherent in the common man. Three hours of pure magic . Vibrant hues of nature mingled with variegated shades of romance and eroticism filled his canvas. His heroines draped in sumptuous costumes, dancing in exotic locales, murmuring sultry platitudes - have redefined romance on the silver screen for ever. His story lines often brushed the edges of conservatism - probing into those areas of human relationships that have always been in the dark. Adultery, incest and all those taboos of society were presented to the audience with an empathy rarely achieved by an Indian director. An era has ended with this film but i am sure the soul of Yash chopra has left an indelible mark on Indian films and will continue to reverberate in the hearts of millions who were enthralled by his genius.

Now "Jab tak hai hum" is a pretty mediocre film. Too long, very loose story line and directionless to say the least. There are however two aspects that stand out in the film. Firstly the versatile genius of gulzar and the impeccable costuming by Manish Malhotra.

It is only a sheer genius who can keep writing such vibrant, cohesive and thematically relevant lyrics as Gulzar does. It is amazing how words flow from his facile pen and adorn the notes of any composer he works with. The sublime artistry of words, the unexpected twist in context and the the purity of the landing phrase may go unnoticed by the younger generation; but they still resonate with the same authenticity and trademark signature of the master as they have over the last forty years.

Manish Malhotra's work as Costume designer in this film is exemplary. The choice of colours, the understanding of the mood and the right blending with the camera is a pure visual delight. Katrina has never looked more beautiful in a film.

Well, all in all a decent film. A word of caution - A night show may not be the best option because there is a possibility that one may fall asleep after the intermission, unless one wants to concentrate on other aspects of film making other than the story line . Cheers !!!! :)

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