Friday, March 1, 2013

Life of Pi - Wonderful

Life of Pi - Wonderful

One of the most challenging and persistent existential question is this - What am I - stripped of my material comforts, emotional bootstrapping's; without belief,surviving with barely enough to assuage the pangs of physical needs, bereft of any kind of psychological anchor whatsoever in this whole wide world ? Do we really know ourselves?. What would happen to us if we are uprooted from our comfort zones and bought to face complete annihilation of what we believe ourselves to be.

Not many movies have attempted to answer this question at a very deep level. "Cast away" was one such film. The almost surreal performance of Tom hanks as an individual completely surrendering his identity, his persona - to merely stay alive and return to the world with a new perspective on life,living and priorities is a must-see for every youngster. In my opinion, it is one of the best movies that I have ever had the privilege to watch.

"life of Pi" is a very satisfying rendition of the Booker winning novel by that name. I have always admired Aang Lee for his prismatic visualization of a story. The film has wonderfully captured the ripening of PI from a boisterous yet contemplative youngster cocooned in the encrustations of filial love and sentimentality; to an adolescent stripped bare of beliefs and habits gushing along the flow of life with a abandon that comes out of deep understanding of the utter purposelessness of life and man's place in it - is a journey that is reminiscent of the one that each one of us takes in our own way and touches a chord that resonates deep within us.

Watch this film for it simplicity: Watch it for its magnificence; Watch it as a reflection of our own shallow personalities in an essentially beautiful universe. Finally, watch it as a tribute to Yann martel for conceiving this wonderful saga and Aang lee for having painted this story on the silver screen with his magical and inimitable strokes.

Cheers !!!. A must see.
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