Friday, March 1, 2013

Skyfall - a review

To call "Skyfall" a disappointment would be an understatement. Half way down the movie I had the eerie feeling down the spine that I was watching an Akshay Kumar starrer sans a few scantily dressed damsels soaking up water in translucent (Transparent is vulgar :)) clothing.

Daniel craig has this unusual talent of putting on a look of heightened constipation, when he has nothing better to do (which is for most in this film). Bereft of feminine companionship for most part of the film and a story line that borders on somnambulistic lullaby (what a turn of phrase :)) - I wonder what Ian fleming must be discussing with his creator about Skyfall.

There was a ring of hushed silence among the packed audience; desperately trying to unravel the happenings on the screen. It is almost that their senses were betraying them. The exaggerated heights of expectations came tumbling down the precipice of reality banging into every conceivable protrusions along the way . This is not the Bond film we want to see. Where is that suspension of disbelief; the nonchalant manliness of Sean connery; the rhapsodious charm of Jane seymour, the sensous eyes of a Halle berry; the villainy of a Dr.No.

James bond - a resurrection is needed !!!!!!!!!!! :)

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