Friday, March 1, 2013

Talaash - a movie, an Exorcism

Talaash - an Exorcism

Over the years, I have come to admire Amir khan not only for his talented acting but also the choice of his story lines. I liked his work in "Dhobhi Ghat", where I felt he transcended the traditional boundaries of film making and made an inward descent in exploring his psyche. All acclaimed actors and directors have expressed themselves through their films. The foreboding maliciousness of a Roman Polanski; the twisted psyche of Hitchcock; the blood and gore of a Quentin Tarantino; the stark realism of a Kurosawa or satyajit ray - reveals the need of an inward fulfillment through their work. Amir khan belongs to that bracket.

"Talaash" attempts to answer some fundamental questions of life : Can we live without the burden of the past; Could we had made choices that were more appropriate in a given circumference of circumstances; Do we have to live a meaningless existence to the point of alienating everything and everybody around us; and finally, Can we exorcise our past and start finding tranquility in the present. The visual medium is a wonderful art form to explore these existential questions and Amir, Rani and Kareena have done wonderfully well in presenting these questions through their performances. I especially liked the work of Rani Mukherjee in this film. The educated,forlorn and neglected wife finds respite in the misty vapors of make belief and surprisingly finds rejuvenation in them. Rani is simply brilliant in this role. Kareena uplifts the sultry role of a seductress to sublime heights with no more than a flicker of an eyelid or an ephemerally teasing smile . And of course Amir - A quintessential actor. The trajectory of his performance is representative of the fact that actors need to evolve and mature with every piece of work. They should not be afraid to experiment and shouldn't always be playing to the galleries. Every art form needs a path breaker - What would have literature been without its Shakespeare; Music without Mozart; sports without a Federer. In contemporary cinema , I can only name two actors who could boldly adorn a character without becoming a slave to criticism. They are Kamal hasan and Amir Khan respectively. There have been others who have experimented at the periphery but not bold enough to venture to the centre. To do that would need tremendous courage and conviction in the story, the art form and an ability to reinvent
oneself with every piece of work.

Many thanks to the director Reema Katgi for conducting this this deeply symphonic piece on screen.

Cheers - Must watch for a movie buff.

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